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Monday, March 13th, 2017 at 7:30pm
At the Elks Lodge on the Lake Mohawk Boardwalk
For more details contact Jenn at jwcsparta@gmail.com.


Membership has something for everyone. There are guidelines for membership that must me completed in order to become a full time member of the JWCS. Until these requirements are met, the candidate is considered a prospective.

Guidelines are as follows:

Candidates for admission to membership must submit an application form to one of the Vice Presidents.   A prospective member shall be admitted to membership upon completion of the following requirements: 

1. Attendance at three (3) General Meetings.

2. Participation in any Department Activity and Volunteering for a club fundraiser or service project.

3. Attendance at one (1) New Member Coffee.

4. Payment of dues to the Club Treasurer.

Prospective members are installed at a General Meeting.

Each member is required to:

1. Pay her dues before April 1st of each year.

2. Participate in declared department activities.

For information on membership and to obtain a copy of our membership applications please feel free to contact us at 973.300.7309 or email: jwcsparta@gmail.com or submit your request using the form on our contact page.