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Sparta Day Vendor Information

This family event receives wide publicity in all local publications and media. It attracts thousands of people from Sparta and local communities. Sparta Day is a rain or shine vendor fair and family festival that is a much anticipated community event and a fundraiser for local and national charities and organizations. Families love our “Kid's Country”, offering various rides & activities for children of all ages.

Event Time:       10:00AM – 4:00PM
Set-up:               7:30AM – 9:30AM
Place:                 Station Park, Station Road, Sparta NJ

This is a Rain or Shine event. In the event of a cancellation due to SEVERE weather, an email will be sent to all vendors or you can call (973) 400-9260. No refunds will be issued. See Vendor Regulations.

Booth Fees

Registration fees after March 31, 2017
      $95.00 per space in Sections A & F
(1 mid-sized car can remain at space) Sold out
      $85.00 per space in Section B, C, D and E (unload at space & park in vendor lot for event)
      $85.00 per space in Kids Country (unload items at space & park in vendor lot for event)
            (Kids Country Spaces are for vendors that provide goods/services that are exclusively for children)

Non-profit organization discount
Recognized Non Profit Organizations will receive a $10 discount on their registration fee if registering for a space in Kids Country or Sections B, C, D, and E.

Food Plaza Registration
Please see Food Vendor information page 

Please note

· Fee is for space only. Tables, tents, generators, booth-sitters are NOT provided.
· Spaces: approx. 14’ W x 18’ D. If you use a trailer, you must purchase 2 spaces.
· Booth Fees are non-refundable.  No transferring or subletting booth space.
· All booth fees collected will benefit non-profit organizations.

Space Number Assignment

You may request a specific space number but we cannot guarantee that you will get that space unless you are a Sparta Day sponsor. We will do our best to accommodate everyone. Your confirmation will be sent electronically to the email provided. Please bring a copy of your confirmation on Sparta Day. You will receive your space number at the gate that morning. Arrival time does not affect space number.

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Monday, January 8th at 7:15pm
St. Moritz in White Deer Plaza
For more details contact Annie at jwcsparta@gmail.com.