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Sparta Day General Vendor Regulations

Any organization or business that wishes to participate in Sparta Day as a vendor must adhere to all vendor regulations. Food vendors please see additional Food Vendor Regulations.

1.     All applications must include a completed registration form with email address, payment, and signed vendor agreement. Your confirmation will be sent electronically. If this information was not received, your registration will not be confirmed. Your space assignment will be given to you the morning of Sparta Day.

2.     Booth fees are non-refundable. We will not be able to offer a refund even if the event is cancelled due to severe weather. Fee is for space only (tables, tents and generators are NOT supplied.)

3.     Sparta Day is open to the public from 11:00am to 5:00pm, RAIN OR SHINE.  In the event of cancellation due to severe weather, an announcement will be made via email or visit jwcsparta.org.

4.     Vendor vehicles will be not admitted before 8:30am or after 10:00am and must be parked in the vendor parking lot or exit the event area by 10:00am. Junior Woman’s Club of Sparta volunteers will be on the field during set-up to direct you to your booth space.

5.     Any vehicles that remain inside the entrance gate after 10:00am cannot be moved until the event is over at 5:00pm. This includes any vehicle parked in the vendor parking lot, a section A/F space, food plaza area or any other area of the event. As required by local police, no vendor will be allowed to “pack-up” and leave the park prior to 5:00pm. This is for public safety and no exceptions can be made.

6.     During the event, one vehicle is allowed to remain per space in Sections A & F ONLY, and must be parked within the vendor space. Large pick-up trucks and SUVs will not fit in the spaces and will have to be parked in the vendor parking lot or elsewhere.

7.     All vendor spaces are outside. JWCS and Sparta Parks and Recreation will not be held responsible for any issues caused by weather, animals, or other forces of nature.

8.     The sale of “silly string,” “magic ink,” “party snaps,” “stink bombs,” “caps” of any kind, “hair color spray,” “stink spray,” “smoking candy cigarettes” and live animals is strictly prohibited. DO NOT include these or similar items in your Sparta Day inventory. If in doubt, email spartaday@gmail.com.

9.     JWCS cannot control foot traffic and does not guarantee sale of vendor's goods.

10.  The sale of food prepared on-site at Sparta Day is RESTRICTED to registered food plaza vendors. See separate food vendor registration if interested.

11.  All organizations are permitted to sell pre-prepared and/or pre-packaged food & beverages at their booth contingent upon compliance and registration with Sussex County Department of Environmental and Public Health Services. Vendor must also obtain a food license from Sparta Township. The intent to sell must be pre-disclosed on registration paperwork. Please note, bottled water may be available to the public for free in the park.

12.  Electric power is not available. Please note on your application if you will be using a generator.
      (You must supply your own generator.)

13.  The JWCS reserves the right to limit the number of vendors with duplicate products and activities. Please see the list of franchise and direct sales retailers from which we are no longer accepting applications.

14.  Vendors are not permitted to sell or promote their products, services or business/organization outside of their designated booth space.

15.  Port-a-potties, food and beverages are available on-site, however, “booth-sitting” is not.  Please plan accordingly.

16.  Vendor displays are solely the responsibility of the crafter/exhibitor.

17.  Vendors are expected to leave their space CLEAN. Due to garbage restrictions, ALL vendors are asked to place all garbage and recycling in the dumpster provided.

18.  JWCS members will be onsite throughout the day to answer any questions, please review the Sparta Day map provided that morning for location of the JWCS booth.


No cars will be allowed to enter the park after 10:00am. Any cars that remain passed the entrance gate after 10:00am (in any area of the event or vendor parking) will not be able to be moved until the event is over at 5:00pm. As required by local police, no vendor will be allowed to “pack-up” and leave the park prior to 5:00pm. 


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Monday, February 10, 2020 at 7:15pm
St. Moritz in White Deer Plaza
For more details contact us at jwcsparta@gmail.com