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Food Plaza Vendor Information

Sparta Day is a rain or shine vendor fair and family festival that is a much anticipated community event and a fundraiser for local and national charities and organizations. This family event receives wide publicity in all local publications and media. It attracts thousands of people from Sparta and local communities.

If you are a non-food vendor, please review General Vendor Information and General Vendor Regulations as they may differ from what is listed below.

  Event Info

  Saturday, June 1st
  11:00AM - 5:00PM

  *Please note that the event start and end times have shifted
  one hour later than last year's event.


 (Gates close at 10:00AM after which no cars may enter or leave until 5:00PM)


  Station Park at 95 Station Road, Sparta, 07871

  Food Plaza is located next to the Station Park
  maintenance building

  Rain or

  Sparta Day will take place rain or shine. In the event of
  SEVERE weather, cancellation will be listed on our website
  www.jwcsparta.org and an email will be sent to all vendors

  Space Fee**:

  12' x 12' Food Plaza Space          $85.00

  **See available discounts below


  • $15.00 discount if both registration and
     payment are received by March 31st

  • $10.00 discount for Sparta Businesses*
  • $30.00 discount for all Recognized
     Non-Profit Organizations**

     * To qualify for Sparta discount your business/organization must
       have a Sparta mailing address.

    ** To qualify for Recognized Non-Profit Organization discount you
       must provide your organization’s tax-exempt number.


  Sparta Township
  $15 non-profit organizations and $30 profit organizations

  Sussex County Department of Environmental and
  Public Health Services

  $15 non-profit organizations and $50 profit organizations

  See Food Licensing Documents & Applications for more
  details regarding Town & County requirements.


  • Spaces are approximately 12’ W x 12’ D. If your setup is 
    larger than 12' x 12' please purchase additional
    spaces as needed.

  • Registration must be accompanied by payment or space
     will not be reserved.

  • Event participation requires receipt of a Certificate of
     Liability listing JWCS & Sparta Township as additional
     insured as well as a completed Vendor Agreement.

  • Fee is for space only. Tables, tents, generators, booth-
     sitters are NOT provided.

  • All booth fees collected will benefit non-profit

  • Booth Fees are non-refundable. No transferring or
     subletting booth space.

  • Please read full list of Food Vendor Regulations. Non-
     food vendors please see General Vendor Regulations.



  Register and make payments online

  If organization is unable to register/pay online: Vendor
  Registration Form, Certificate of Liability, Vendor
  Agreement and check payable to JWCS can be sent to PO
  Box 626, Sparta NJ 07871.


  Your confirmation will be sent electronically to the email 
  provided during registration. Please bring a copy of your
  confirmation on Sparta 
Day. You will receive your space
  number at the gate on the 
morning of the event.

Food Licensing Documents and Applications

All food vendors, whether selling or giving away prepared or prepackaged food, MUST submit a Sussex County Temporary Retail Food Vendor Application to the county postmarked by April 30th. Forms are available on the Sussex County Department of Environmental and Public Health Services website. For your convenience, we've also made them available on our website. The county has reduced the application fee of $50 down to $15 for non-profit organizations participating in Sparta Day. (JWCS does not collect county forms or payments).

All food vendors must ALSO submit a Sparta Township Temporary Retail Food Application postmarked by April 30th to Sparta Township. A fee of $15 is required with each non-profit application and $30 for profit. (JWCS does not collect township forms or payments).

Sussex County Department of Environmental and Public Health Services

Information from the County:
Temporary Food Establishment Information from Sussex County

Application from the County (New or Renewal):
Sussex County Temporary Food Establishment Application
Sussex County Temporary Food Establishment Renewal Form

Sparta Township Office of Municipal Clerk

Information from the Township:
Food Handling and Preparation Handout

Application from the Township of Sparta:
Sparta Temporary Retail Food Application



Register Online

Make Payment Online

View/Print Food Vendor Registration Packet




Monday, February 10, 2020 at 7:15pm
St. Moritz in White Deer Plaza
For more details contact us at jwcsparta@gmail.com