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Sparta Day 2017 Registration

We're so happy you would like to join us as a vendor at Sparta Day 2017. Your participation is truly appreciated by the JWCS volunteers and the charities and organizations we support.

Please note that submitting the form below does not guarantee a space - you must also submit payment via PayPal or mail a check to JWCS. Once both have been received, you will receive an email from JWCS with space confirmation and event information.

All registered vendors must agree to adhere to the Sparta Day 2017 Vendor Regulations and Food Vendor Regulations.

Please complete the following form and click submit at the bottom of the page. Fields marked with an asterisk are required. You can also download and print a form for submission via mail at www.jwcsparta.org/sd-download-registration.



Monday, January 8th at 7:15pm
St. Moritz in White Deer Plaza
For more details contact Annie at jwcsparta@gmail.com.